Root Limiting Beliefs

A small life mission is to find and heal our root limiting beliefs. Only then can a conscious leader take flight, living their full creative business potential.

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Bright, pure soul

In the Beginning

We each begin as a bright, pure soul.

Our ego stands next to our soul, keeping us from reckless, deadly behavior. We have hundreds and hundreds of beliefs to interpret the world around us. Some of them are positive (My mother loves me); some of them are negative (My mother doesn’t love me); some are conscious (I’m not good at public speaking); some are subconscious (I don’t believe in myself).


Putting up Shields to Protect Inflamed Nerves

Over time, our ego builds walls between our pure Self and the hurtful words and actions of others. Each limiting belief is like an inflamed nerve. Every time it is touched, it gets more swollen and more painful, and we need a shield to lessen the pain.

Blocking our shine

Eventually, our shields grow to match the pain that we feel inflicted upon us. These hurts compound over decades, creating shields so thick, the natural shine of our Self can no longer get through. This darkness blocks us from living our full potential.

Root limiting beliefs

Limiting Beliefs vs Root Limiting Beliefs

Hundreds of limiting beliefs are offshoots of only a small handful of very deep, root limiting beliefs. If we work on the root limiting belief, then we heal and change the whole branch of beliefs that stem from it.

The Seven Root Limiting Beliefs

There are seven common root limiting beliefs and one universal limiting belief that we all have. Do any of these resonate with you? There are usually two or three that touch a nerve, signaling a need to heal and clear them. 

Common limiting beliefs

I am worthless; I am not worthy.

I am lonely

I am not accepted (by myself, by others, by life)

I am not free; I am restrained

I am unsafe

I am humiliated

I am not loved (by myself, by others, by life)

Base limiting belief

Lack of faith in oneself; Rejection of the divine within oneself; Self-denial.


A Mission

One of our life's missions is to find and heal our root limiting beliefs so that we experience life in our full creative, professional power. Because these core limiting beliefs are so deep, and can be painful to unroot, it is recommended to seek a professional therapist. 


As we heal, we replace limiting beliefs with positive beliefs. The protective shield gets thinner and thinner. Life is easier, and we are free to express our true purpose. This is necessary work in order for a conscious leader (and their organization) to really take flight.

Be Unconditionally True

Manifestation doesn’t work in the presence of self-doubt. Conscious leaders are unconditionally true when checking their feelings, passion and conceivability.

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Authenticity in Conscious Leadership 

A best practice for you as a conscious leader is to regularly and truthfully check your feelings. Over time, you become more sensitive to niggling thoughts or minor discomforts that signal you are not being 100% authentic when you say you support a business objective.

Manifest it

Manifestation at Work

Being authentic is critical to conscious creation. Why? Because if your manager gives you an inconceivable sales target – whether it’s because you don’t really believe you could ever sell such a high volume or you don’t stand behind the product itself – you will certainly block the manifestation. 

Feel it

No Matter What 

No matter what you say or do… if how you feel about the goal is not positive, is not strong, or is not focused towards the goal, then you block the manifestation. A conscious leader knows this, and checks their feelings regularly. 

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© 2024 Reemina Limited. All Rights reserved.
Reemina Limited, Klimataria 11, 4607 Pissouri, Cyprus
© 2024 Reemina Limited. All Rights reserved.
Reemina Limited, Klimataria 11, 4607 Pissouri, Cyprus