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What If You Could Manifest $100M And Earn 10x As Much?

The story

How a tech startup from tiny Slovenia got sold to a consortium of Chinese investors for $1 billion.

Get proof that self-made unicorn businesses in 7 short years are possible.


They didn’t know what they were going to sell when they started… But their purpose powered them through—to 5 billion downloads of their apps!

Discover how knowing your WHY can save you from quitting when faced with the toughest of obstacles.


This success story was manifested in advance. The founders set audaciously high goals and surpassed them x10. It took them exactly as long as they have planned—7 years almost to the day.

Tap into the underused tools for realizing and sticking with your big dreams.

Flashlight Model

Must-have components of a billion-dollar business visualized as parts of a flashlight.

See your business as a battle-proven system and finally reach the synergy you’re always reading about.

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The most important thing I have learned about decisions is to always use common sense: if it does not make sense, then it is wrong – all things must be simple.

Samo Login, Login5 Foundation  


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What are Logins
up to now

In 2017, Logins sold their startup, Outfit7, for $1 Billion to a Chinese investment group. Today, Iza and Samo run Login5 Foundation, focusing on philanthropic projects from sustainable organic large-scale farming to brain neural research centers for tastier plant-based food. Their latest spin-off, Unicorn Drive, helps leaders own their s#it and build billion-dollar businesses that have a purpose.

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About the author


Dani Polajnar ran the 7-year sprint alongside the Logins as an acclaimed teambuilding expert. His refined understanding of people, motivation, and group dynamics, gives the book its signature "insider" feel. Meticulous readers will find Dani's character inside the book, leading the electrifying opera house spectacle—something he simply calls teambuilding.

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