Unicorn Drive Akademia is soon to become Reemina.

Leaders of Parallel Highways

Enter the grounds of business consciousness.

In Reemina, leaders rise Humanity’s efficiency during decisive times on Earth.

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Creations that
lift people most

Good vibes overtake on the left
Parallel highways are where people succeed in creating solutions, inconceivable to the majority. Getting on one is a choice anyone can make, but succeeding there is only possible in good vibes.

Raise your vibe before you start
Then bring it to your work! Reemina supports people’s feelings and visions, awakened by their favorite “walk the talk” artists and leaders, with a realistic shot to make it all happen.

Open the bank of good vibes and let it fuel your creative process.

Conscious Leadership Globally

From the one
Leaders will change the world. The firsts in line are in position to choose where the lives and energy of entire organizations and their customers aim; and end up.
Unicorn Mastermind
10-person virtual flocks of executives impacting lives of millions
To the few
Management teams influence entire organizations. If standing strong, they are the reason behind conscious workspaces where people’s possibilities turn reality.
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Executive matrix
Management teams building their parallel highway in 6-months
To billions
Each person is a leader of their own life. Once people are able to think and act as owners of their creation, they command and receive the kind of environments where anything is possible to make the good life happen.
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Open source tools
Instant-access knowledge to manifest anything. Use on the go.

A leadership model
for impact

Design your organization for when money is no longer the main reason people work. Manage the influx of creativity once your teams realize their biggest payoff is living in the world you’ll create together.

Explore the Flashlight Leadership blueprint that cuts away management clutter and grounds your parallel highway asap.

Explore our Mastermind

Anyone can.
The tools are out.

Unlearn and relearn

For whenever you need to ace up and overtake on the left. At hand even to the busiest exec. Free for everyone.

Open-sourced tools, realized on a unicorn

Leading yourself and your people into the world you want to live in takes tools that function on parallel highways, not just in business as usual.


Our game

The greatest payoff worth all effort is enjoying the world we build. The path there calls for working together. As all things naturally do.

We lay open steps for getting people to madly fall in love with their business, as we have with ours.

About Iza Sia Login

The founder of Reemina, philanthropist, and post-$1b-exit entrepreneur with the purpose of pure joy, pure love, and pure consciousness.

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7UD Book Faced Down

Switch at any moment

Using the endless source of vibes at Reemina, because your ripples will resonate.

Read how Iza Sia Login secured the proof and accumulated the energy for the world to stop working and start creating.