Parallel Highway
for Conscious Leaders

Imagine you’ve already “made it”. With a billion bucks at hand, how would you lead your company from now on?

Unicorn Drive Akademia is where you start leading your company this way immediately, without waiting for the billion.


Parallel Highway
for Conscious Leaders

Imagine you’ve already “made it”. With a billion bucks at hand, how are you going to lead your company from now on?


Thinking beyond profit is the fastest way to a billion.

The proven billion-dollar secret is that you don’t have to wait for the billion. Immediately start doing what feels right in a way that feels right to you. This is our shortcut.

Simon says. But we actually raise unicorns.

When Iza and Samo Login founded their unicorn to follow their purpose, they chose to focus on culture, not profit. Nobody believed in their “buzzwords” either, but the Logins succeeded anyway: from startup to a billion-dollar sale in 7 years.

On top of a billion-dollar proof that something truly “next-level” is within the grasp of any leader, the Akademia was founded.

$ 1 bn

Selling price of the Logins’ startup


Years from startup to unicorn valuation

Books implemented into practice

Stuck in an autopilot environment?

Pin it on yourself.
You manifested your way in, so you can choose to manifest your way out.
That’s right—here, we can afford to talk about the truth without selling dogmas.
This isn’t an Ego-pumping community.

It’s all dark when your company has profit-first blindness.

Most companies chronically fail to fulfill their vision by focusing firstly on profit. As their leader, you promise yourself to implement bold people-first ideas after reaching 7, 8, or 10-figures. Constantly waiting just for one more zero. You input tons of personal resources like energy and time … but blame the lousy outcome on politics inside teams or size of budget. The company runs on this self-sabotaging autopilot until you become aware.

We give you a flashlight to enlighten your organization.

Only a small percentage of leaders run their company from their heart, not the mind. Their processes and teams are driven by purpose, not bribed by paycheck or forced by KPIs. They give up micro-management and curate a culture of self-responsibility.  Their secret weapon is consciousness—it extends well beyond basic survival instincts, their own nose, and their wallet.

This is the proven recipe for a unicorn business.

The Flashlight Model® is simple!

It’s how leaders can look at the components of any unicorn company. It puts purpose and values at the center, turning the traditional business organization on its head. This is a next-level business organization, assembled for rapid growth and meaningful impact.

BATTERY Energizing your company with purpose and values. Ditch the carrot and the stick.

BULB Leading your projects with heart, firekeeping, intuition, relentless self-responsibility.

LENS Amplifying your output with teams, culture, equality, co-creation, coaching

CASING Scaling your productivity with processes, systems, rituals, workspaces.

BEAM Envisioning your impact with strategy, goal setting, manifestation.

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