Command It, Don't Ask

Don’t just set goals. A conscious leader commands business manifestations for more effective outcomes. Remember, energy and potential exist to serve you.

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Command It

Start with: ‘I command that I have...‘

The first step is to write down your business manifestation. 

Begin the sentence with:
‘I command that I have…’ or, ‘I command that I feel…’

If you do not feel comfortable using ‘I command’ then you can also use:
‘Thanks for (having/feeling)….’ 

Commanding sets the respectful tone and power of your conscious creation. Do not wish, beg, pray or ask. After all, when you only ask for something, you might not get it!

Write It

Example manifestations at work:

‘I command that I have a reliable financial accountant with the following traits and expertise:….’

‘I command that I have new business premises with eight working offices, two conference rooms, a kitchen, and 20 parking spaces.’  

‘Thanks for feeling powerful and self-confident in my meetings.’

Manifest it

Write out your business goals as a command with self-assuredness and respect – just as you would in the boardroom.

Always Set Present Tense

Writing instructions for successful business manifestation: keep it in the present tense.  

Command the manifestation with the certainty you already have it.

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Present Tense Only

Harder than it sounds

As simple as this sounds, it is also easily overlooked. Be sure to use the present tense when writing out your manifestation.  

Correct examples

‘I command that (I have/I feel)….’ 

‘Thanks for ….’ 

Incorrect examples

Do not use the future tense or continuous form. 

‘I command that I will have…’

‘I will be starting…’

No future tense

Don't delay

Writing in future or continuous form means that your business manifestation will never actualize. The future tense permanently delays your manifestation to some point in the future. Likewise, using the continuous form means that you will continuously be in the ‘starting’ phase.

Time limits

A note on setting deadlines: you may use them if you feel it is critical. It is even better to not use a deadline; just let things flow as quickly and naturally as possible.

Feel the feeling

Feel it

As you write, feel the feeling of having already achieved your business goal. You are not just writing empty words on a page. The feelings must accompany the words you write. It’s important that you feel like you already have it.

Manifestation at work

A conscious leader commands their manifestation with the certainty they already have it  – in the present tense.

Set Goals, Not Paths Towards

Set goals – the final outcome – not how you’ll achieve them. A conscious leader is intuitive & open to the best path as it unfolds.

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Set goals, not paths

Focus on the What, not the How

Resist the temptation to set the ‘HOW’ of your manifestation. There are so many possibilities to achieve a goal. Defining the path to success could set the parameters too narrowly. Your path then becomes burdensome, longer than necessary, or simply not enjoyable. Instead, focus on the final outcome.

Stay open

Manifestation at Work

Increasing brand recognition is more than just getting a large budget for advertising, for example. There might be a campaign, a conference, or a circle to join that is more impactful in reaching your wider audience.

Leave Room for Possibilities

You, as a conscious leader, will know which turn or detour to take when you trust your intuition and are strongly balanced in your pillar. Even when encountering a deadend, you take the opportunity to learn the lesson needed there, and keep on your way. 

Optimal path

Keep your choices open

Remember that the fastest, easiest and most effective way might not be the first one that comes to mind. Keep your choices open, and trust that the most optimal path will unfold before you.

Positive Goals Only

Conscious leaders re-word ‘NO’ & ‘DON’T’ into a positive business manifestation. Otherwise, the subconscious can create the very thing you are trying to avoid.

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Avoid negatives

The subconscious mind

For the majority of people, the subconscious mind does not understand the negation of a sentence. So do not use “No,” “Don’t” or “Never” in your written manifestation statements.

Incorrect examples

Here is a wrong manifestation example of a sentence using a negative:

‘We have no legal trials and conflicts.’

Or, ‘We don’t have any legal trials and conflicts.’

If your subconscious takes away the ‘no’ or ‘not’ in the sentence, then it unfortunately reads as:

‘We (do) have legal trials and conflicts.’ 

You are demanding the very things you were trying to avoid!

Keep it Positive

Positive statements only

Instead, make sure you always use a positive statement for your written business manifestations. 

Correct example

Here is the corrected example manifestation sentence reworded as a positive:

‘We are free of legal trials and conflicts.’  

To us, saying ‘free of conflicts’ or ‘no conflicts’ is the same thing. But to our subconscious, it’s a completely different meaning. 

Manifest it

Manifestation at work

Be careful of the words you use. A conscious leader outwits the subconscious by avoiding the negative form when writing manifestations.

Check if it’s Conceivable

You can manifest whatever business goal you have – despite the naysayers – as long as you are radically honest about how conceivable the objective is to you.

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Conceivable Conscious Creation

Aim high

Aim as high as you want with your business manifestations… as long as the goals are conceivable to you. Be honest! Any small seed of doubt or insecurity blocks your manifestation.

If you can really feel it, then it means it’s conceivable to you.

Erase all doubts

Ignore the Naysayers

People outside your organization might ask you, ‘‘But how are you going to increase your sales 100% this year?’’ Or a skeptic might say, ‘‘Can you really get worldwide brand recognition with such a small company?’’ Or a bystander may quip, ‘‘Are you crazy??’’ 

As long as they are not coming from someone directly involved in your objective, it is ok to dismiss their concerns.

Check the Self Doubt

If, however, those comments hit a nerve, or are from your inner monologue, then you have to check them and fix them in order to manifest successfully. 

If you can’t shake the doubts off an ambitious target, better to start with smaller, conceivable goals. This is more important than stubbornly focusing on a goal that you or anyone from your team secretly doubts.

Manifest it

Manifestation at work

When your aim feels doable to you and your entire team, you can manifest whatever business goal you want. No matter what those outside your organization say, you’ll take flight.

Define Ultra Precise Outcomes

It’s good practice to write your business manifestations as measurable & precise as possible. Clear parameters bring results more in line with your expectations.

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Tenses and timing

Be precise about the verb tense you use

If you write in the continuous form, you will constantly be in the continuing phase, and never in the final, realized stage. Instead of saying, ‘Thanks for starting a business this year,’ command, ‘Thanks for an established business by the end of 2022.’

Be precise about timing

Do not say ‘this year’ or ‘this month’ as ‘this’ is a moving target. Instead command, ‘by the end of 2022’ or ‘within 6 months of launch date.’

Details and specifics

Be precise about financial goals

Do not say ‘a little more profit.’ Instead command, ‘US$1 million in net profit.’

Be precise by defining personal definitions

Instead of saying, ‘I’m a successful businessman,’ say, ‘My company develops a product that solves the problem XYZ and it’s easy to produce. The product has X number of reviews and has been distributed throughout every state in the first year. We work with our colleagues in a creative environment and communicate honestly.’

Be precise by adding details

Instead of saying, ‘new office premises,’ command, ‘an office with 8 private offices, 2 conference rooms for 20 people, large windows, 50 parking spaces in a garage, usable catering kitchen…’ and so on.

People and places

Be precise about places, but never use a specific address

Instead, command ‘waterfront view’ or ‘20-minute drive from home.’

Be precise about people, but never use a specific name

Instead, list attributes you are looking for in their professional and personal qualities.

Manifest it

Manifestation at work

Everyone has a different definition of what success means. The more concise and measurable objectives that are included in your manifestation, the closer it will be to your desired outcome.

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