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Alignment is crucial. When each team member has differing levels of comprehension, passion or attitude toward an objective, it can pull the team off course.

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Shortest Distance is a Straight Line

Simple math: the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. Using this logic, if the team is starting at Point A, and our goal is set at Point B, then the aim is to move towards it en masse.


Vector Algebra

In reality, though, each team member has their own understanding of the objective, their own passion about the goal, and their own attitude about the work. These differences ‘pull’ the team in various directions. When you plot it on a line using vector math, it is apparent what direction the team is really headed. The final outcome could be very far from the intended path.


Alignment is Crucial

Even if it looks like everyone is working hard, they could be going in different directions. It’s easy to see the distance on paper, but in reality, you are far from your goal. A conscious leader knows alignment is crucial.

Delegate Accountability, Not Tasks

Delegate accountability. Teams entrusted with responsibility and told the ‘why,’ are empowered to complete objectives & perform better than when simply tasked.

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Delegate Accountability

Better results occur when leaders delegate accountability instead of tasks. Each team member is empowered to control what they do, and how to do it. This trust and increased responsibility  allow for the full expression of everyone’s potential, which brings better results.


Everyone should know the Purpose 

The other important key to responsible work is to share the purpose of the project – explain why the project is important to the company or organization and how it fits in to the bigger objectives. 


Better Results

When people feel involved, important and respected, they will be proud of themselves and their work. The result is much better performance than if they were simply assigned a task without any context or creativity to complete it. 

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