Meditation to Meet your potential

How much of your potential are you living? Get answers on your true potential with this healing & restorative Theta Meditation.

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Close your Eyes…

Take a comfortable seat and close your eyes. 

Inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth 3 times. Inhale light and positive energy. Exhale stress, fears, burdens, problems. . .  and feel more and more relaxed. 

Inhale and exhale.

Connect to the Cosmos

Take a breath in, straight through the heart and breathe it out through the feet, down low into the very center of the Earth. Allow yourself to merge completely with Mother Earth and breathe her energy up into your heart. Exhale out towards the most distant star in the Universe and inhale the energy of Father Cosmos back again into your heart. Mix it with the energy of Mother Earth. Exhale everything into your own auric field around you.


The most beautiful garden

Now shift your attention to your heart and enter your heart with your consciousness. You can see a door in front of you. Open it and enter through the gate into the most beautiful garden you’ve ever seen, surrounded by fragrant flowers, trees, meadows, woods, a river and streams. 

Inhale, exhale, enjoy. . . Walk slowly through the garden and enjoy… Enjoy and relax.

Take a seat

One part of the garden is particularly beautiful and surrounded by brilliant, pearly white light. Let's go there – this is the place of absolute truth and unconditional love. Now, sit or lie down on a comfortable armchair and let a waterfall of golden light illuminate every cell of your body.

Relax and release any stiffness you may feel.


Let the energy illuminate you

Imagine a ray of red energy entering your body from the top of your head down, filling every cell of your body with its pure red energy. The energy of safety and grounding.
Next, let orange energy illuminate your body with energy of creativity, passion, desire.
A ray of pure yellow energy follows, again filling each cell of your body with energy of power, joy, strength, willpower.
Imagine a ray of green light, entering your body top down and spreading the energy of love throughout it.
Now comes blue energy, flowing through you, making you conscious of clear communication, giving you a voice and knowledge of how to use it.
The indigo ray comes next, opening your intuition – let it enter and flow through your entire body.

Finally, a waterfall of pure violet energy illuminates your body with awareness of being connected with the source of life and all that is.


Inner Beauty, Inner Power

Relaxing in this beautiful environment you can start feeling your inner beauty, your inner healthy power, the greatness of your life.

You feel your true self. Your true pure power. And the awesome beauty of who you are.

If you feel any pressure gently blow it out. Relax and enjoy your eternal beauty.


Hold the Earth

You may feel that you’re so powerful, you can hold the entire Earth in your left hand. Now you can take a look towards your life on Earth.

Observe yourself and check how much of the potential you feel right now you’re bringing to your daily life on Earth. You can get the percentage or just feel the difference between what’s possible and reality. 


Send Love and Healing

If you see yourself suffering on Earth, or squeezed into narrow spaces, you can immediately send love and energy of healing to yourself. 

Find what you Need

You can find out what you need to do to heal or to change your situation. And to improve.

You can feel how easy and joyful life can be if you bring more of your potential to your daily life.

You can find the ways and the tools to do it. Your true Self can tell and show it to you right now. 

Relax and be open for advice. You can ask any question you want, related to any aspect of your life. Be relaxed and open for answers.


Time to go Back

Now, it’s time to go back. Remember that you can come to this beautiful garden whenever you want.

With your awareness, slowly stand up and walk back to the door and enter your heart.

Inhale, Exhale

Inhale deep into your heart, exhale down low to the very center of the Earth. Inhale the energy of the Earth into every cell of your body and exhale. Slowly move fingers and toes, arms and legs. Slowly open your eyes.

You are here and now.

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© 2024 Reemina Limited. All Rights reserved.
Reemina Limited, Klimataria 11, 4607 Pissouri, Cyprus