Unicorn Drive Akademia is soon to become Reemina.

Unicorn Mastermind
Take the parallel highway.

10-person flocks of executives fly weekly for 3 months while impacting the lives of millions+ through their companies.

Address what was previously inconceivable to you and your people, supported by tried and true leadership “how” that overtakes on the left.


where most others end

For leaders who already succeeded in business as usual

This is where your business paradigm meets unexpected twists. Jump off of your usual train of thought to redefine what being a “unicorn” means.*

Hack leadership with ease

The Unicorn Mastermind is larger than a business opportunity. The conversations go beyond conventionalities to open a profound sync on universal practices of leadership.

Who shows up
and how


Your host is not one for the faint-hearted.

She bootstrapped a billion-dollar exit in 7 years for a reason. Next, she grew her foundation, making a sizable impact in the global food and leadership crisis. Now she shows a way to do it so more could join.

Read her story



Matching groups of 10 outstanding C-levels.

Meet your handpicked group of propellerheads you can firmly rely on to match your intelligence, influence and interest.
With unique visions and impactful businesses fast on their way to ground them.

Come out knowing
there is a way

Unlearn and relearn your leadership

Start observing your company in a different light, revealing the factors that are truly blocking or boosting it–humans and their use of energy.

Introduce the art of business manifestation

Demystify manifestation into a pragmatic process of setting ultra-clear business objectives in which everyone is clearly aligned and fiercely passionate about the arrow is released.

Grasp the infinite game of culture

Calmly face the diversity of beliefs inside your company with pockets full of proven cases where applying theories of Spirals, MEMEs and internal motivators made all teams function as one culture.

A format that suits
the executive tempo

3 months | 13 zoom calls | 2 hours weekly

Weekly 2-hour conversations are fluid and fast-tempo, supported by a discrete, precisely designed atmosphere. Facilitated with her signature touch by Iza Sia personally.

Six scripts

A pre-sent script condenses all of Reemina’s knowledge about the theory and practice of discussed topics.

Six rooms

A 3-month mastermind totaling 13 sessions, organized into 6 topics we call Rooms. Dedicating two weeks for each Room allows the time for new challenges and questions to arise, and new insights to soak in.

Lead on the Parallel Highway

Prepare your organization for when money is no longer the reason people work.