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There’s more than one WHY

1st March

“Samo and I make money with Outfit7. A lot of money. Much more than we could ever need for ourselves alone. But because we know that we will soon be spending this money to pursue broader goals, it fulfills us. … Money is just the fuel. So what do you really want? What would fulfil you?” — 7 Unicorn Drive, Chapter Yin & Yang

There’s more than one WHY


1. Corporate WHY

The fundamental WHY is the corporate WHY. It connects everyone working on the brand, so that they aim at the same target.

At Unicorn Drive, we do what we do because we would like to live in a world where “successful organizations address the real needs of time and space with their WHYs and their corporate cultures.”.

Every project inside the organisation should also have it’s own WHY that is linked to the corporate WHY. For example, this post is a part of a project with a WHY to make our knowledge accessible to everyone. Knowledge-sharing project fulfills our corporate WHY because it helps other organizations do the right things the right way.


2. Personal WHY

The second WHY is the personal WHY. Each leader must know how to lead themselves before s/he can lead others. What’s your personal purpose for doing what you do? Once you know the answer, you can look at how it relates to the WHYs of the projects you work on; and how it is aligned with the corporate WHY. If they are connected, the inspiration and creativity arise automatically. In difficult moments when there is too much of everything, the answer infuses energy — the biggest aid at those crucial moments.


3. Task WHY

The third WHY is knowing WHY you do the tasks you do right now — daily work and delegated activities. It’s about understanding how the activities delegated to you fit into the big picture. If you don’t know, you have to ask — it’s your responsibility towards your leader. It’s also the duty of modern leaders to encourage such behaviour from their direct reports because this was not a common practice in the past. Today, “I was ordered to do it” is no longer the right answer to “Why are you doing this task?”.

To live a life where your work fulfils yourself and the people around you, it’s essential to understand that you’re not always fulfilling the same level of WHY. Purpose-led leaders always align the three WHYs:

1. Corporate WHY: Why we do what we do as an organization,

2. Personal WHY: why I do what I do, and

3. Task WHY: why I do exactly what I do at this moment.

Written by: Iza Sia Login

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