7 Unicorn Drive

by Dani Polajnar

In this head-twirling business novel, the founders of a billion-dollar tech startup prove how putting purpose before profit, and cultivating people-first leadership, results in massive financial success.



    How a tech startup from tiny Slovenia got sold to a consortium of Chinese investors for $1 billion.
    Get proof that self-made unicorn businesses in 7 short years are possible.
  • A NEW APPROACH (subtitle inside tab)
    Must-have components of a billion-dollar business visualized as parts of a flashlight.
    See your business as a battle-proven system and finally reach the synergy you’re always reading about.
    They didn’t even know what they were going to sell when they started… But the purpose of entering philanthropy powered them through—to 5 billion downloads of their apps!
    Discover how knowing your WHY can save you from quitting when faced with the toughest of obstacles.
    This success story was manifested in advance. The founders set audaciously high goals and surpassed them x10. It took them exactly as long as they planned—7 years almost to the day.
    Confessions of Iza and Samo Login, the first married couple in the world to build a unicorn business.
    Learn how couples can support each other on the road to a billion.


Unlike most millionaires who become philanthropists, the vision and commitment were first for Samo and Iza Login. Their business success and fortune came next in pursuit of their shared goal to tackle the most pressing challenge facing humanity – climate change. This dynamic and fascinating read takes us on the real adventure of a remarkable team, full of the excitement of discovery and success, wisdom about leadership, and above all – a sense of purpose. The book will appeal to a broad audience: from those drawn to tech stories to those interested in environmental and food sustainability, public and planetary health. 

Michelle A. Williams, ScD – Dean of the Faculty, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health


“For existing and potential entrepreneurs; this book is a must read this year. It lays bare the secrets and strategies behind converting an idea into a mega successful business. 

From developing the idea, to daring to dream the impossible, to building a winning team, to leading on purpose, to negotiating the $1bn sale – the ‘how to’ of every detail are written within the covers.

If you want to “own you sh#t” and develop the next blockbuster idea; this is the book for you.”

Kevin Kelly – Internationally Acclaimed Motivational Speaker and Best Selling Author


“Reading 7 UNICORN DRIVE was as exhilarating as the day I spent with the electric Outfit 7 team In Ljubljana. With their “we are one”, purpose driven spirit, and “everything is possible” belief, this team are the embodiment of a quantum company, led by its true quantum leader founders, Samo and Iza Login. Readers won’t be able to forget Outfit 7, nor put down this book that lets us share their breathless fun and creativity until finishing it.”

Danah Zohar – Author of THE QUANTUM LEADER


Dani Polajnar is an author, lecturer, trainer, and coach with years of experience in fields of leadership and teamwork. He works with European corporations in order to support them in shaping their corporate culture with one objective in mind: making their employees happy, engaged, and productive.

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