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The greatest payoff worth all effort is enjoying the world we build. The path there calls for working together. As all things naturally do.

The flywheel of change we spin

Who’s Working Towards This Too

Organizations involved in this work are blessed to recognize and be able to contribute to this positive loop of change. Without restrictions, neither internal nor external.

The vectors Add Up

Whenever we enable an organization or an individual to loop in, “our” numbers grow, success multiplies and we can enjoy a meaningful time on Earth. Independently yet together.

Success Is Today, Every Day

Each time any creative player boosts even a single point on the wheel, we have succeeded.

The Environment Today.
↓ If the leader is conscious, ..
.. Organizations address the Real Needs of time and space.
↓ If people work full-on to make each other happy, ..
.. Companies manifest solutions on any scale needed.
↓ If people realize they are the artist of it all, ..
.. Self-awareness is the only limit and infinite source of potential.
↓ If people unlearn & relearn ways of creation to access inconceivably higher efficiencies, ..
.. Key decisions are heart-directed.
↓ If reason supports intuition without ruling over it, ..
.. Love is back in business.
↓ If work is powered by the purest form of energy on Earth, ..
.. Energy Flux is large enough to support big creations.
↓ If work-spaces are set up so people’s values accumulate, not divide, ..
.. Co-creation is a business standard.
↓ If working together, people create truly any experience of Life on Earth, ..
.. Transformed Environments
→ bring us back to a new starting point from which present and future generations on Earth are able to consciously create their lives.

The real work starts now.

In 2017, just 7 years after incorporation, Iza Sia and her co-founders sold their startup Outfit7 for 1 billion USD, making it the first tech unicorn in the region.

“We ended up profiting ten times what we set out to earn, but for us, this is just the beginning. The real work starts now.”

Today, Iza Sia runs LLOVE Foundation, focusing on philanthropic projects across the globe.


So you can create the inconceivable.

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Our Work

Our purpose: Organizations address the real needs of time and space with their purpose and culture.

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