Unicorn Drive Akademia is soon to become Reemina.

Unicorn Mastermind Experience
Far beyond standard leadership

Unicorn Mastermind Experience is designed and personally facilitated by Iza Sia Login, Outfit7’s unicorn tech founder, for top-tier founders and senior executives who dare to go beyond Ego and standard leadership practices.


You limit you, but what if...

…you could reignite the passion for your business and rediscover the purpose that drives you?

Invite change in your teams, by changing yourself first?

Become aware of your limiting beliefs that block you from taking your organisation to the next level and start resolving them?

We’ll support you in every shape and form along the way.

10 leaders, 3 months.
Led personally by Iza Sia Login.

Get Iza Sia’s 25 years worth of executive knowledge and tools in 13 two-hour weekly sessions. Discover what mindset and approach made it possible for her to build a billion dollar business in 7 years and scale the Login5 Foundation globally.

Implement & experiment together with 9 other sharp minds while you dive deep in our curriculum. Share the truth you realize and shape the conversation.

Iza Painting

From supervising,
to co-creating.

Build circles not pyramids. Decipher the complexity behind setting up your team for success and connect them to a common purpose.

Inspire your teams with a can-do prosperity mindset, so they can be role models, and trickle-down the enthusiasm to co-create a global impact.

From hustling,
to joy.

Discover where you and your teams wreck your energy. Nurture your flow and identify energy black holes that are slowing you down.

Stop sacrificing health for work and prevent burn-outs by finding a work-style that works for you, so that you can work anytime anywhere, not all the time everywhere.

Unorthodox. Trailblazing.
Not for the faint-hearted.

Discover the so-far-uncharted leadership territory. Become a spiral wizard. Get your company on a parallel highway towards success.

Explore manifestation, energy economics and limiting beliefs. Define your real purpose and values, go beyond self-deception and lead with the heart.

Propeller-head leaders wanted.
Are you one of us?

This closed-door mastermind is built specifically for established founders and C-level leaders with 10M+ yearly revenue or +10M net worth, who have the power and willingness to make a global impact, fast.