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7 Unicorn Drive

It IS possible.
Manifesting a billion dollar business in 7 years, fueled by a strong purpose to do good.

Based on the true story of Iza and Samo Login.

€25 131 Reviews
131 Reviews

Get the paperback, e-book or audiobook on:

Get the paperback, e-book or audiobook on:

What is possible and what is impossible?

…and where is the line between the two?

My story proves that we can manifest anything that we find conceivable and are deeply passionate about. And if “traditional” success is not the one that counts, how does one replace it with mission and purpose?

I hope you were able to find the answer to this question in the book.

Iza Sia Login

A startup story like no other

“We will make 100 million. After taxes. In 7 years. Then we exit.”

It must be immediately clear to everyone that the essence of this project is not just about money. The point is why we want the money. Something will have to be done, otherwise the end of humanity as we know it could come during our lifetimes.

“Honestly, If Talking Tom doesn’t succeed, we’ll have to shut down and end our startup story.”

Please don’t block the manifestation by doubting. If we said we’ll have a million downloads by the end of June, then we’ll have them by the end of June. We’re only in the middle of the month, so there’s still time.

Make it happen. No limits. Have fun. Work as a team. Own your s#it.
These values define our corporate culture.

They must be palpable at every level, in every corner of our corporate culture, from the way people greet each other in the hallway to our relationships with clients and partners. Everywhere.

When the flashlight is correctly assembled, the company’s output, profit, is just a logical consequence.

Each piece must work properly for the flashlight to work at all. But it’s the battery that gives the whole system the energy it needs to operate. It’s the core of our flashlight leadership approach.

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This book is called "the billion-dollar lesson" for a reason. See for yourself:

Organizations of the future will need more emotion, understanding, and even love to be successful.

Love for ourselves and for others.

Iza Sia Login, co-founder of a billion-dollar startup

Reader Reviews

Only you limit you.

You can choose whatever you want to manifest. This story is a testament to what is possible when you really want it.

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7 Unicorn Drive takes you on a head-twirling sprint inside the tech startup established in tiny Slovenia, sold for $1 billion, just 7 years after its inception. This is not your everyday business fairy tale.

€25 131 Reviews
131 Reviews

Get the paperback, e-book or audiobook on:

Get the paperback, e-book or audiobook on: